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The Noble M15 – A close look at this sports automobile together with functionality, specialized information, features, comparing rivals, historical past, used price ranges

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The Noble M15 sports activities auto, launched in 2006 and priced at £74,950, was specific on the market sector dominated with the likes with the Porsche Turbo, Audi R8, and Ferrari F430.

With this regard, new capabilities extra towards the auto incorporated traction handle, ABS, satellite television navigation, air conditioning, and electric windows.

While functionality was nonetheless towards the fore, it had been fascinating to observe that this two seater, fixed mind coupe was to be positioned like a grand tourer, in lieu of a track working day racer, as was the case with some past models within the M-Series.

It featured a composite fibreglass body on a steel room frame chassis, incorporating an integral roll cage for extra safety, that was appreciably stiffer than that employed inside the M12, leading to significantly improved dealing with characteristics.

The new chassis acquired been reinforced with additional aluminium panels, and created primarily to integrate the new engine structure. Consequently, it received a curb fat of just 1250 kg.

It had been fitted with AP Racing 330 mm vented and drilled discs all round.

Of notice have been the sweeping curves with the entrance wings, and also the distinctive headlight assembly in the form of an arc, along with enormous air intakes along with a fastback rear.

Furthermore, the enormous rear diffuser enhanced down force to make certain that the auto was planted firmly within the floor at excessive pace.

As opposed to earlier sports activities cars from Noble, the motor was positioned longitudinally, which significantly elevated the two cooling and turbo overall performance.

By heading the motor and gearbox forward slightly, front/rear excess weight distribution now stood at 40/60%.

It utilized 18 inch rims with the entrance and 19 inch with the rear, and also the rear observe was increased by two.5 cm to strengthen high velocity cornering.

With compartments at the two entrance and rear, there was ample place for luggage.

The two the inside and carbon fibre framed seats have been trimmed in leather.

The rear spoiler seen on past models was taken off to portray a additional civilised aura in a very auto created for everyday use, in lieu of the monitor.


The Noble M15 was powered by a Ford Duratec three litre, DOHC mid-V6 engine, with four valves per cylinder, and fitted with twin Garrett T25 turbochargers plus an intercooler.

With a compression ratio of 8.5:one, it produced 455 bhp at 6800 rpm (with redline at 7200), and 455 ft/lbs of torque at 4800 rpm.

As these kinds of, it ranked as by far the most potent sports auto produced to date by Noble.

Fitted using a Graziano 6 speed manual gearbox, it created a top pace of 185 mph, and also a 0-60 mph time of three.four secs.

Manufacturing ended in 2011 if the M15 was succeeded with the Noble M600. Technical Data:


Typical level of competition for your Noble M15 integrated the following cars: Porsche 996 Turbo S, Ferrari F430, and Audi R8. Noble functionality:

This concludes my Noble M15 Sports activities Automobile Review

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